The mission of Life After Loss A.N.D.R.E. is to provide a safe place and support for grieving individuals and families who have lost loved ones helping them to embrace the

Compassion, Healing, Recovery, Empowerment

Life After Loss A.N.D.R.E. offers FREE Comprehensive Bereavement Support groups and activities.

Although L.A.L.A. was birthed out of tragedy, George and Stephanie wanted to help those who have also lost loved ones due to violence.

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Comprehensive Caring Support

Life After Loss A.N.D.R.E. bereavement support is comprehensive as its support includes all aspects of the Grief Process including attendance at court proceedings. L.A.L.A. has a Group Text Page where they can reach out to each other as well as well as receive text blasts concerning updates on members’ cases, court dates and events.

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Helping Our Youth

Life After Loss A.N.D.R.E. Intervention and Prevention Youth Component’s activities and programs are designed to help youth navigate through life after experiencing traumatic loss and those youth that are at risk of being involved in causing the loss.

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Life After Loss – A. N. D. R. E.

On January 1, 2014, the lives of George and Stephanie were changed forever.  Andre, their 26 year old son, was killed due to senseless gun violence. After some time of being overwhelmed with grief they made a conscious decision to start a Bereavement and Support Group called Life After Loss A.N.D.R.E. (Ability-Navigate-Depression-Recovery-Empowerment), a registered 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization.

Violence is our story but it may not be everybody’s. Life After Loss A.N.D.R.E. is here to help individuals and families who have suffered any kind of traumatic loss of a loved one.

Life After Loss A.N.D.R.E. (L.A.L.A.) run by Stephanie and George, was formed because they felt lost and were unable to find the help they needed. They were searching for a group that not only dealt with the anger experienced by those who lost loved ones but also a group that could compassionately help them wihealing. They did not want to remain in a state of brokenness.

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